Policies and Regulations

CFAMM is a multi-user facility that provides services to UCR faculty, staff and students as well as to external users.
Instrumentation use and all services provided by CFAMM are subject to recharge fees.


1. Access to CFAMM is granted by the facility Director.
2. Users can utilize CFAMM services only after an account has been created and approved in the online TRACS system. UCR faculty and PIs must establish an account in the online TRACS system by themselves. Users not affiliated with UCR must contact the facility Director to have a TRACS account created.
3. Facility staff provides services and assistance to users. Users may request to utilize the facility staff expertise for operation of instruments, sample preparation, data acquisition and interpretation.
4. Users can get direct access to operate CFAMM instrumentation and equipment by themselves after going through the established training procedures. Use of instruments and equipment is contingent upon the competency and responsibility of the user and is at the discretion of the facility manager, who has authority to deny or revoke privileges.
5. UCR users are required to provide an active recharge account and authorized by the titular personal investigator (PI) of the account before services are rendered.
6. To gain access to CFAMM services external users need to provide billing street address, contact phone and fax numbers and a statement of acceptance of financial responsibility for the requested services based on the estimates provided by CFAMM staff. Advanced payment may be requested under certain circumstances.
7. Registered users are those who have an established account with CFAMM in the TRACS system, are authorized to use CFAMM instruments and equipment and have on file with CFAMM the user’s registration form signed by them and the facility Director.
8. Registered users are required to complete UCR EH&S Lab Safety training before starting work.
9. Regular registered users have access to CFAMM during regular working hours and when staff personnel is present.
10. Registered un-restricted users can use CFAMM instruments and services at any time. Un-restricted access is granted upon the discretion of the facility Director only to established registered UCR users who have demonstrated competency in instrument operation and a track record of compliance with the safety and policy requirements for utilizing CFAMM resources.
Scheduling, Reservation, and Recording

1. All services and instruments are accessible by advanced appointment only, on first-come-first-serve basis.
2. Appointments are made by contacting the facility Director.
3. The TRACS online reservation system should be used for scheduling by registered users, who have the relevant access privileges.
4. Minimum reservation time on an electron microscope is 1 hour. There is no limit on the length of reservation. Electron microscopes and ancillary equipment cannot be used without advanced reservation.
5. Use all equipment and services must be recorded in the online TRACS system. Starting time for each session is the booking time on the reservation system.
6. Not recording a session within one hour of concluding the use is subject to $80 penalty charge per incident. 

Cancelation of appointment less than 24 hours before the starting time is subject to penalty fee equivalent to 2 hours of the specific service rate.
1. Training is scheduled by the facility Director upon request placed through the TRACS system. Before training is scheduled faculty, students, post-docs or staff must be added as approved operators to an active TRACS account by the titular owner of the account or by a designated personnel from their department who has to place the request for their training through the online TRACS system.  
2. Training is provided on one-on-one basis.
3. Users are granted access to operate the instruments after successfully passing the established training and checkout procedures.
4. Users are expected to start using the resource(s) they have been trained on within one month after the training. If no effective use of the instrument(s) or resource(s) has been recorded within one month after training users are required to undergo a re-fresh training scheduled by the staff. 
Ancillary Equipment
Use of any ancillary equipment is limited to preparation and/or processing of EM specimens that will be characterized using exclusively CFAMM instrumentation.
Data Storage
Electronic user files and data stored on CFAMM computers are kept for a period of 48 hours from the date of creation. After expiration of this period all user files and data are deleted.
1. Any problems, malfunction, damage, or substandard instrument performance should be reported immediately to the facility staff and recorded in the online TRACS logging system.
2. Users may be suspended and charged for damages caused by unauthorized attempted service, negligence, or mishandling of instruments.

1. A campus approved user fee structure is used to charge for all services.
2. Electron microscope time is charged at increments of half an hour, with minimum charge equivalent to 1 hour use. Excessive and systematic overbooking of equipment may result in suspension of user privileges..
3. A penalty fee of $80 per incident may be charged for violation of any lab rules, plus the cost of repair/replacement of any damaged part/system.

1. Payments should be made in US dollars and are processed through the UCR business office.  UCR users are charged through the UCR recharge system. External users can remit payments only by check payable to “UC Regents” or by purchase order.
2. Bills are submitted after services have been rendered except in case when advanced payment is specifically requested.