Scanning Electron MIcroscope NNS450


The ThermoFisher Scientific (formerly FEI/Philips) NNS450 combines high- and low-voltage ultra-high resolution capabilities with variable pressure specimen chamber vacuum.  Superb contrast and surface sensitivity at low voltages can be achieved using the beam deceleration mode. High-resolution imaging of  non-conductive specimens is enabled by utilizing immersion lens mode at low-vacuum.

The analytical system allows to perform qualitative and quantitative chemical analysis, image capture, X-ray spectral mapping and line scanning by Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy (EDX) complemented by structural and crystallographic information including crystal orientation and mis-orientation, accurate phase identification, and phase mapping by Electron Backscattered Diffraction  (EBSD).
The NNS450 SEM has been in operation since 2013.


51C MSE Building, UC Riverside main campus

Electron Optics

NSFEG with high brightness Schottky field emitter
Continuously adjustable accelerating voltage from 200 V to 30 kV
Resolution at High-vacuum
              1.0 nm at 15 kV (TLD -SE)
              1.4 nm at 1 kV (TLD-SE; with Plasma Cleaner)
Resolution at Low-vacuum
              1.5 nm at 10 kV (Helix detector)
              1.8 nm at 3 kV (Helix detector)


In-lens SE/BSE detector (TLD)
Everhardt-Thornley SED
Low vacuum SED (LVD)
Retractable High sensitivity low kV Concentric Backscattered Detector (CBS),
TV-rate low vacuum solid-state BSED (GAD)
UHR low vacuum SED (Helix detector)
Optical NavCam

Plasma Cleaner

An integrated plasma cleaner helps to ensure that the specimen surface stays clean. The removal of hydrocarbon contaminants is of particular importance when operating at low kV for true surface imaging

Analytical System

Oxford Instruments AztecSynergy for collecting and processing EDX and EBSD data simultaneously.
EDX detector 50mm2 X-Max50 SDD
Resolution  Mn Kα - 127 eV
SATW window for detection of elements from Beryllium
EBSD NORDLYS Nano CCD camera detector