Duobeam Quanta 200i



The ThermoFisher Scientific (formerly FEI/Philips)  Quanta™ 3D 200i combines a scanning electron microscope (SEM) with a high current focused ion beam (FIB) to offer a versatile solutions for characterizing and modifying materials that is easy to use and has the flexibility to handle any sample type.  The current-boosted tungsten SEM provides excellent imaging capability for sub-micron structures while the high current ion column can be used to precisely prepare samples  for 3D nanoanalysis, TEM, EBSD & atom probe imaging or structural modification of sample surfaces at nanometer scale by removing or depositing material at a rapid rate in small defined areas.

The Quanta 3D features three imaging modes – high vacuum, low vacuum and ESEM™ it can accommodate the widest range of samples of any SEM system.  A ‘charge neutralization’ mode is integrated for working with FIB on insulating samples.


B116C Bourns Hall, UC Riverside main campus

Electron Optics

Thermionic W filament electron gun
Continuously adjustable accelerating voltage from 200 V to 30 kV
 – 3.0 nm @ 30 kV @ high vacuum mode
 – 3.0 nm @ 30 kV @ ESEM mode
 –< 12 nm @ 3 kV @ low vacuum mode

Ion Optics

High current ion column with Ga liquid metal ion source
Resolution at optimum FIB working distance: 7 nm @ 30 kV @ 1 pA
Resolution at beam coincidence point: 9 nm @ 30 kV @ 1 pA
Max. horizontal field width: 2.5 mm at 10 kV and beams coincidence point
Accelerating voltage: 2 to 30 kV


Everhart Thornley SED
Large field Gaseous SED (used in low vacuum)
Gaseous SED (used in ESEM mode)
TV-rate solid-state BSED

Gas Chemistry

‘Zero-collision’ GIS design concept
Individual gas injectors with separate injection systems
5 μm placing accuracy without user interaction
– Platinum metal deposition
– Carbon deposition


Oxford Instruments Omniprobe AutoProbe 200  for in-situ TEM sample lift-out.
Product features:
      - Port-mounted attachment
      - Linear point-to-point movement in any direction
      - Uninterrupted wide range of travel
      - Closed-loop encoder feedback