Transmission Electron Microscope Talos L120C







The Thermo Scientific™ Talos L120C™ TEM is a 20-120 kV transmission electron microscope designed for performance and productivity across a wide range of samples and applications, such as minerals, metals, ceramics, cells, cell organelles, polymers, and any other type of solid materials prepared as thin specimens (<100 nm thickness) or fine nanoparticles both at ambient and cryogenic temperatures.
With its motorized, retractable cryo-box and low-dose technique, the imaging quality of beam-sensitive materials is taken to the next level.  It is an adequate instrument for a wide range of applications and users, ranging from experienced senior researchers to students just entering the field of TEM.

The Talos L120C TEM has been installed in Januarry 2021.


B116H Bourns Hall, UC Riverside main campus

Electron optics

Objective lens      TWIN

Line resolution     0.20 nm
Maximum eucentric tilt    ±70° 

Electron source

LaB6, High-voltage range 20 to 120 kV.

Specimen stage

Computer-controlled, eucentric side-entry, CompuStage


Double tilt
Single tilt
Rotational tilt

Digital imaging

Thermo Scientific™ CETA 16 4Kx4K CMOS  camera.