Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope Titan Themis









The ThermoFisher Scientific (formely FEI/Philips) Titan Themis 300 is a state-of-the-art scanning transmission electron microscope. The Titan platform technology,  which is unmatched in mechanical, electronic, thermal, and optical stability is designed to deliver ultimate performance in TEM, STEM, diffraction and analytical modes to study nano structures in wide range of materials. The X-FEG electron gun provides high coherence and high brightness combined with stable emission currents for advanced analytical and high resolution applications. The high tension flexibility (60 to 300 kV) allows to optimize  the system according to the requirements of the specific experiment and material. 


B116E Bourns Hall, UC Riverside main campus

Electron optics

Objective lens      STWIN
TEM point resolution    0.20 nm

Information limit    ≤ 0.10 nm
STEM resolution    ≤ 1.3 nm

Electron source

X-FEG, High-voltage range 60 to 300 kV.
Energy spread 0.8 eV

Specimen stage

Computer-controlled, eucentric side-entry, 5-axes Piezo CompuStage
Maximum eucentric tilt    ±70° 


Double tilt
Single tilt
Gatan Rotational tilt
High Field-of-View Tomography holder

Digital imaging

FEI CETA II 4Kx4K digital CCD camera
Fishione 4Kx4K STEM detector
BF/DF detector incorporating differential phase contrast imaging
HAADF detector

Super-X Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectrometer system

4 integrated SSD detectors with collection efficiency solid angle of 0.7 srad
Energy resolution of ≤136 eV for Mn Kα for 10,000 cps
Peak to background ratio of 4,000:1 at Ni K
Fast elemental mapping mode, dwell times down to 10 µsec