Transmission Electron Microscope Tecnai12







The ThermoFisher Scientific (formerly FEI/Philips) Tecnai12 is a versatile, user-friendly, computer-controlled, conventional TEM. It is suitable for imaging cellular and sub-cellular structure and morphology of biological tissue and samples as well as any other type of solid materials prepared as thin specimens (<100 nm thickness) and/or fine micron and nanometer-size particles. It is an adequate instrument for a wide range of applications and users, ranging from experienced senior researchers to students just entering the field of TEM.
The Tecnai12 TEM has been in operation since 2004.


B116H Bourns Hall, UC Riverside main campus

Electron optics

Objective lens      TWIN
Point resolution    0.34 nm

Line resolution     0.20 nm
Maximum eucentric tilt    ±70° 

Electron source

LaB6, High-voltage range 20 to 120 kV.

Specimen stage

Computer-controlled, eucentric side-entry, CompuStage


Double tilt
Single tilt
Rotational tilt

Digital imaging

Gatan US1000 digital CCD camera
Gatan DV300 wide-angle CCD camera