Krassimir N. Bozhilov
Complete list of publications.

Most recent:

  1. Williams, M., K. N. Bozhilov, & P. Talbot (2019), Analysis of the elements and metals in multiple generations of electronic cigarette atomizers, Environmental Research, 175, 156-166.
  2. Prech, J., K. N. Bozhilov, J. El Fallah, N. Barrier, & V. Valtchev (2019), Fluoride etching opens the structure and strengthens the active sites of the layered zsm-5 zeolite, Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 280, 297-305.
  3. Geng, L. X., J. P. Scheifers, J. Zhang, K. N. Bozhilov, B. P. T. Fokwa, & J. C. Guo (2018), Crystal structure transformation in chevrel phase mo6s8 induced by aluminum intercalation, Chemistry of Materials, 30(23), 8420-8425.
  4. Bloodgood, M. A., P. R. Wei, E. Aytan, K. N. Bozhilov, A. A. Balandin, & T. T. Salguero (2018), Monoclinic structures of niobium trisulfide, APL Materials, 6(2).
  5. Geremew, A., M. A. Bloodgood, E. Aytan, B. W. K. Woo, S. R. Corber, G. Liu, K. Bozhilov, T. T. Salguero, S. Rumyantsev, M. P. Rao, & A. A. Balandin (2018), Current carrying capacity of quasi-1d zrte3 van der waals nanoribbons, IEEE Electron Device Letters, 39(5), 735-738.
  6. Lim, T., G. Ico, K. Jung, K. N. Bozhilov, J. Nam, & A. A. Martinez-Morales (2018), Crystal growth and piezoelectric characterization of mechanically stable zno nanostructure arrays, Crystengcomm, 20(38).
  7. Mutlu, Z., B. Debnath, S. Su, C. Li, M. Ozkan, K. N. Bozhilov, R. K. Lake, & C. S. Ozkan (2018), Chemical vapor deposition and phase stability of pyrite on sio2, Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 6(17), 4753-4759.
  8. Machev, P., E. F. O'Bannon, K. N. Bozhilov, Q. Wang, & L. Dobrzhinetskaya (2018), Not all moissanites are created equal: New constraints on moissanite from metamorphic rocks of bulgaria, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 498, 387-396.
  9. Hou, W. T., P. Cortez, R. Wuhrer, S. Macartney, K. N. Bozhilov, R. Liu, L. R. Sheppard, & D. Kisailus (2017), Oriented epitaxial tio2 nanowires for water splitting, Nanotechnology, 28(26).

10. Su, H. P., A. A. Barragan, L. X. Geng, D. H. Long, L. C. Ling, K. N. Bozhilov, L. Mangolini, & J. C. Guo (2017), Colloidal synthesis of silicon-carbon composite material for lithium-ion batteries, Angewandte Chemie-International Edition, 56(36), 10780-10785.