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Scanning Electron Microscope XL30-FEG


The FEI XL30-FEG is a user-friendly, versatile, high performance  SEM. It employs Schotiky-based electron source optimized for brightness/ high beam current operation that significantly extends the use of high spatial resolution combined with quality elemental analysis. The high vacuum specimen chamber accepts large specimens up several inches in diameter. The XL30-FEG is suitable for study of solid conductive or conductively-coated dielectric specimens including metals, ceramics, minerals as well as appropriately prepared biological tissue and organic materials.
The XL30 SEM has been in operation since 1996.


B116B Bourns Hall, UC Riverside main campus

Electron Optics

Schottky field emitter
Continuously adjustable accelerating voltage from 200 V to 30 kV
Resolution at High-vacuum
              2.5 nm at 30 kV
              5.0 nm at 1 kV


Everhard-Thornley SE/BSE (ETD)
Solid-state BSED

Analytical System

EDAX Inc. Phoenix/Genesis EDX system
liquid N2 cooled Si(Li) EDX detector 10mm2 
Resolution  Mn Kα - 129 eV
SATW window for detection of elements from Beryllium
Hamamatsu video camera and Channel5 software package for EBSD data acquisition and analysis

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